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  • 5 Plumbing Valves Your Home Might Need

    plumbing valves

    Plumbing valves are indeed important so you can have enough control of your home’s plumbing system and facilities. When you have this at home, you would be able to directly control your system when you want to especially when emergencies and unexpected events happen. This will act as emergency amenities and for safety precautions. When you install control and safety valves at home, it is also important to know their locations well so you would know where to go especially during emergencies. For security and to avoid confusion especially when in panic, it would be wiser to label them so you could easily identify them. Here are some of the plumbing valves that is important for your home.


    Shut-off Valves

    Shut-off valves are the most common valves found almost in all homes either old or new. This is because these valves can control and stop the flow of water especially when plumbing emergencies arise such as leaks and pipe bursts. This can also help save water, especially when going through plumbing repair procedures or home improvement facilities where you would need to completely stop or control the flow and supply of water into your home and plumbing fixtures. Most of the times, there are four kinds of shut-off valves to be found in your home.

    Main shut-off valve

    The main shut-off valve is the one that controls the supply of domestic water into your entire home. They could stop the supply of water into your home’s entire house especially during complicated repair procedures, leaks or burst pipes.

    Toilet shut-off valve

    The toilet shut-off valve is the valve the controls the supply of water into your toilet tank. This is usually situated below your toilet tank and is helpful in stopping the water supply especially when repairing your toilet in case of troubles such as running toilet.

    Faucet shut-off valve

    This valve oftentimes controls the flow of water into your kitchen taps and is commonly located below your kitchen sinks. This is helpful for stopping the water supply when repairing your kitchen taps and on dripping tap cases.

    Outdoor faucet shut-off valve

    This valve is commonly located in your basements. This controls the water supply into your outdoor faucets. They are helpful in case of garden hoses leaks and for shutting off your outdoor pipes during the winter season.

    Check valves

    A check valve ensures that the water does not flow into a wrong pipe thus, is used to ensure a correct flow of water within your plumbing system. This is best to avoid contamination, especially in your drinking water. Check valves are oftentimes used for your sump pumps to ensure that the water leaves your home without coming back as check valves do not allow backflow even when opened.

    Pressure relief valves

    Pressure relief valves are found in your water heater units. They are used to release excess pressure within the system that may cause its explosion. This is to be regularly inspected and make sure that they operate quickly in discharging air and pressure away from the water heater system.

    Pressure reducing valves

    These bell-shaped valves are commonly located on your water pipelines that supply your home with water. They are used to reduce the water pressure because sometimes, the force of the water from the city water main might be too much for your system to handle. You will know that your pressure reducing valve needs replacements when a gushing sound is heard from your system and the pressure is knocking your system around.

    Gas valves

    Gas valves are important for homes with gas-powered appliances and plumbing fixtures, either natural gas or propane. This is to immediately turn the gas supply off especially during gas leaks emergencies.