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    About 30,000 kilometres of sewer pipes are privately owned in Sydney. Most of these pipes have already exceeded their service life, increasing their susceptibility to blocked drain problems.

    The potential for tree root intrusion to damage sewer pipes is massive. Tree roots are opportunistic by nature in which they exploit existing weaknesses in old pipes, especially those with weak joints. Sewage leaking from the joint area of earthenware pipes will attract tree roots causing a blocked drain.

    Root intrusion is the primary cause of blocked drains in Sydney. Here are some of the early signs:

    • Nasty smells around the property
    • Toilets are making bubbling sounds
    • Water level in the toilet bowl rises
    • Unexplained wetness on the basement floor
    • Dampness around the area near the sewer line

    How to prevent tree root damage to sewer pipes?

    Mechanical means of controlling root development in sewer pipes are effective, but these methods are only short-term solutions. At Plumber Suburb, we are offering a new service that is guaranteed to prevent root intrusion. This service is called pipe relining.

    Pipe relining is a trenchless method of rehabilitating pipes which eliminates the need for deep excavations. Relined pipes are jointless, thereby providing 100% protection against root infestation. Other benefits of pipe relining include:

    ✔ Pipe relining does not require excavation to rehabilitate sewer pipes

    ✔ No need to worry about restoring your landscaping

    ✔ A pipe relining job can be completed in a few hours, saving you time and money

    ✔ Less disruption to your home or business

    ✔ Long-term solution with a life expectancy of up to 50 years!

    ✔ More cost-effective than traditional methods of repairing damaged pipes

    The Process of Pipe Relining

    Pipe relining is a simple process that can be done in 6 steps:

    1.) Inspecting the sewer line – Problems in the sewer line must be identified and located using a CCTV drain camera. Partial cleaning may be required using a hydro-jetting machine if the sewer line is not clear for video inspection.

    2.) Cleaning the pipes – High pressure water blasting is necessary to thoroughly clean the pipes from any debris such wastewater and household wastes. The power of the water jetting machine is also capable of removing tree roots.

    3.) Preparing the liner – A resin mixture is prepared based on the acquired measurements. The resin is ‘wet out’ several times after pouring it into a fiberglass cloth to ensure complete impregnation.

    4.) Inverting the liner – The liner is loaded into a machine called an inverter. Using air pressure, the liner is blown inside out on to the interior of the damaged pipe.

    5.) Curing the newly formed pipe – With the aid of ambient air, the liner is cured in-place. Hot water or steam may be necessary for pipe relining jobs involving larger pipes.

    6.) Evaluating the relined pipe – Video inspection will be conducted again to the quality of the pipe relining job.

    Call Plumber Greenwich now on 0402 069 804 for more information about pipe relining.

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